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YSTE-CA10C 160t/h Full Automatic Blood Coagulation Analyzer

Item No.: YSTE-CA10C
YSTE-CA10C 160t/h Full Automatic Blood Coagulation Analyzer
  • BrandYSENMED
  • Model numberYSTE-CA10C
  • Warranty1 YEAR
  • CustomizedAccepted
  • Lead time7 Working Days
  • PackageStandard Package
  • Description
    YSTE-CA10C 160t/h Full Automatic Blood Coagulation Analyzer


    YSTE-CA10i & YSTE-CA10C full-automatic blood coagulation analyzer perform tests by coagulation and immunoturbidimetric method, mainly used in emergency test of medium to high-end customers, also better meets the demand for automatic test of small customers.The instrument has obtained national invention patent and the European Union CE certification, exported to ltaly, India, and Brazil and other countries, with unique leading advantage of performance to price ratio among similar products at home and abroad.

    Test method Coagulation Method
    lmmunoturbidimetry (optional)
    Test Item APTT,TT, PT,FIB and blood coagulation factors
    Coagulation-related special items e.g.D-dimer and FDP(optional)
    Test Speed 100Ts/h
    Automatic and manual dual-mode test capability
    lnsufficient cuvette and reagent alarm function
    Tilt reagent position
    Reagent position with refrigeration function(optional)
    Sampling probe with liquid surface induction and constant heating function
    Display coagulation curve of dynamic test
    PT-derived FIB function
    Automatic or manual calibration function
    LED work lighting function
    Batch test and emergency priority insertion test function
    Abnormal test results alarm and automatic retest function
    lnsufficient cleaning fluid alarm and waste liquid overflow alarm function
    Background scan of optical coagulation method, remove jaundice, highfat background interference function

    Full-Automatic sampling and testing system omitted 20 operation procedures of manual testing for semi-automatic instrument, which greatly improved working efficiency.

    XL1000 has not only the function of routine four items of coagulation test, but also the function of coagulation-related special items tests e.g.D-dimer and FDP.Therefore, it
    provides more complete diagnosis data for clinic.The instrument can be connected to Lis system, easy to manage.

    Full-Automatic sampling and testing systems could ensure the consistency and accuracy of the test results of different
    operations, and eliminate the errors and medical risks of manual operations.

    Tilt reagents position with refrigeration function and sampling system with constant temperature heating and liquid surface induction,extend the use time of reagent to avoid waste and ensure the accuracy of the test results.
    Model YSTE-CA10i YSTE-CA10C
    Test Speed (Ts/h) 100 160
    Probe 1 1
    Test Method Optical Optical,Immunoturbidimetry
    chromogenic substrate
    Test ltems PT,APTTFIB,TT, APTT, PT, FIB,TT
    Test Channels 4 4
    Sample Position 5 6
    Reagent Position 6 11(8+3)
    Removable Reagent Position no Yes
    Refrigeration Function Yes Yes
    Washing Position 1 1
    LED Lighting LED Yes
    Insufficient Alarm for Cuvette,Reagents,Detergent Yes
    Overflow Alarm for Waste Liquid Yes
    LIS System Yes
    weight 30KGS
    Size 53*47*42CM

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