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YSJP-02 hospital Autopsy table for sale

Item No.: YSJP-02
Good quality autopsy & dissecting tables with the medical examiner in mind. They allow for increased workflow and efficiency during post mortem dissection.Mobile and stationary tables designed to hold cadavers during autopsy procedures.
  • BrandYsenmedical
  • Model numberYSJP-02
  • Warranty1year
  • Customizedaccepted
  • Lead time15 working days
  • Packagewooden box
  • Description
    YSJP-02 hospital Autopsy table for sale

     It is specially designed according to the construction requirements of the first-level demonstration criminal science and technology dissection room of the Ministry of Public Security, and is suitable for public security forensic anatomy rooms, animal anatomy rooms, hospital pathology rooms and other units. It adopts 304 stainless steel high-quality plate to be molded into shape, made with precision, acid and alkali resistance, the overall shape is luxurious and elegant, simple and durable.
    Material: high quality 304 stainless steel cold rolled steel
    Surface hardness: HV200
    Stretching: TensileTestTs/nmm2min520
    Bend: 180
    Thickness: 1.5mm of countertop steel plate and 1.2mm of other thickness
    Load: ≥150kg
    Shredder: Voltage 220V, power 350W, frequency 50HZ, speed 1450/min
    Size: A: Fixed:  250*800*850mm
               B: Adjustable: 250*800*750/950mm
    Main function:
    1: The countertop is recessed and molded without dead corners and is easy to clean. It is equipped with a sieve isolation plate, which is detachable, convenient for washing and disinfection, and is acid and alkali resistant.
    2: The inner side of the tabletop frame is designed to be inclined, and there are water curtain devices on both sides to automatically wash and thaw the corpse.
    3: There is a flushing nozzle on the side, which is convenient to flush the dirt during the dissection.
    4: The dissection table is equipped with a pool and a pulverizer to pulverize the dissected soft tissue and discharge it through the water outlet.
    5: There is an induction faucet and a high-position rotating manual faucet above the sink, which is convenient for washing the equipment.
    6: There are 6-function mobile sprinkler and hot and cold water regulating valve under the countertop (hot water is provided by the user).
    7: The grinder is equipped with an induction motor, starts and shuts off the flow, and can resist acid and alkali.
    8: Equipped with leakage protection device, waterproof socket, voltage 220V.50HZ current 16A
    Exhaust system:
    Negative pressure exhaust system: the upper exhaust is exhausted from the oblong hole on the inner side of the table frame, the oblong hole is Φ6.5x36mm, and there are more than 200 holes.
    The lower ventilation is inhaled through the openings around the base (need to be connected with the external ventilation system), and the ventilation and deodorization effect is stronger than that of the ordinary dissection table. Through the air extraction method, the harmful gas to the room can be reduced, and the toxic gas can be extracted in the first time, ensuring the safety of the operator.
    organ tray, Corpse pillow
    Instructions for use:
    No. 1, Open the sliding door of the base, and connect the power supply, hot and cold water pipes, and drain pipes.
    No. 2, the ventilation duct interface is connected to the exhaust duct interface under the base of the dissection table.
    No. 3, turn on the power switch, and other functions of the dissection table can be used after power is turned on.
    No. 4, hot and cold water switch, users can adjust it according to their needs.
    No. 5, press the spray switch when the corpse is thawed before the dissection, and use the mobile spray to wash the corpse dirt.
    The water flow is adjusted according to the needs during washing, and the spray switch on the side of the dissection table adjusts the water volume.

    No. 6, when the anatomy needs to be washed or thawed during the dissection process, please press the water curtain button on the side of the table to use.
    The amount of water can be adjusted, and the water will flow out of multiple water outlet holes on the side of the table.
    No. 7, need to crush the dissected soft tissues. You can start the crusher (press the switch), remove the sink plug, turn on the tap and put in a certain flow of cold water, put the minced meat and other dirt from the corpse after the dissection into the sink and turn it on Crushing allows the residual garbage to be completely discharged into the waterway.
    Turn off the crusher after crushing (press the switch button again).

    No. 8, the side of the sink of the dissection table is equipped with an automatic sensor faucet for hand washing, aseptic and anti-contact.
    No. 9, high-position manual faucet, the temperature of cold and hot water can be adjusted, which is convenient for cleaning equipment.
    No. 10, the power socket is placed on the side to facilitate other equipment in the laboratory.
    No. 11, the three sieve partitions are detachable and easy to clean and use.    

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