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Sonoscape E2 Ultrasound Machine Portable Color Doppler Ultrasound System

Item No.: Sonoscape E2
Sonoscape E2 Ultrasound Machine Portable Color Doppler Ultrasound System
Sonoscape E2 Ultrasound Machine Portable Color Doppler Ultrasound System

1 Product Name:Color Ultrasonic Diagnostic Appartatus

1.1 Type:Laptop model

2 Main clinical Application

2.1 Main Application: abdomen, volume, ratio, obstetrics and Gynecology, small organs, carotid, Urology, orthopedics, peripheral blood vessels, heart and so on.

Summary of the main specifications

3.1 Ultrasonic host operating system: Windows 8 operating system

3.2 Spectrum pulse Doppler

3.3 Direction energy Doppler

3.4 Real time three synchronization

3.5 Space composite imaging

3.6 Tissue harmonic imaging

3.7 2B / 4B imaging mode

3.8 Language: Chinese/English/Russian/Spanish/French

3.9 Monitor: 15 inches, high definition LED

3.10 Display 0-180 degree angle adjustable

3.11 Physical clipboard: save the image on the left side of the screen, which can be directly saved or deleted.

3.12 The system has the function of on-the-spot upgrade

3.13 Presupposition: for different inspection of the viscera, preset the inspection conditions for the best image, reduce the adjustment of the operation, and the commonly used external adjustment and combination regulation.

3.14 Support real-time 3D imaging function

3.15 Signal probe interface

3.16 Trapezoidal imaging Function


Convex probe: 2.5MHz/3.0MHz/3.5MHz/4.0MHz/H4.0MHz/H5.0MHz,(Depth: 20-317MM)

Linear probe:6.0MHz/7.5MHz/8.5MHz/10.0MHz/H10.0MHz,(Depth:20-110MM)

Transvaginal probe:4.5MHz/6.0MHz/7.0MHz/9.0MHz/H8.0MHz, (Depth:30-111MM)

Phased array probe:2.5MHz/3.0MHz/3.5MHz/4.0MHz/H3.0MHz/H4.0MHz,(Depth:30-371MM)

Volume probe:2.0MHz/3.0MHz/4.5MHz/6.0MHz/H5.0MHz,(Depth:30-237MM)

Micro-convex probe(R11):4.5MHz/6.0MHz/7.0MHz/9.0MHz/H8.0MHz,(Depth:30-111MM)

Micro-convex probe(R20):2.5MHz/3.0MHz/3.5MHz/4.0MHz/H4.0MHz/H5.0MHz,(Depth:30-23.7MM)

The above probes have harmonic frequencies

Each probe has a selection of specialist and organ modes for quick access for diagnostic

B Mode

5.1Gain: 0-100, step 1 visible adjustable

5.2 TGC: 8 segment adjustable

5.3 Dynamic range: 20-280dB 20 level visual adjustable

5.4 Pseudo color: 12, visible and adjustable

5.5 Sound power: 5% to 100%, step 5%, visible and adjustable

5.6 Body mark ≥6 kinds

5.7 Maximum focus number:≥6 ,adjustable

5.8 Gray scale: 0-7 level visible visible and adjustable

5.9 Filtering:≥5 kinds

5.10 Scanning range, 50%-100%

5.11 Frame correlation, 0-4 level, visible and adjustable

5.12 The screen shows 14 forms of real time display of power, probe frequency, dynamic range, pseudo color, grayscale and so on.

6 Color Doppler Mode

6.1 Colour deflection: workable

6.2 Color frame correlation 12 levels, visible and adjustable

6.3 Color map: 8, visible and adjustable

6.4 Color reversal: adjustable

6.5 B/C split screen synchronous display function: workable

6.6 Color baseline: 11, visible and adjustable

6.7 Color line density: adjustable

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